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2007 K1200 GT-2 Maintenance Manual. Is there such a thing?


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Some time ago, I bought a Cylmer maintenance book for K1200RS, GT & LT for 1998 - 2008* - book M501-2. There's that small * !! You have to watch out for that little mark. It's never about you getting more, but rather, less. When I got the book, it had nothing to do with my 2007 BMW K1200 GT. On the back of the book, in small text, there it was.

K1200RS (1998 - 2005)

K1200GT (2003 - 2005)

K1200LT (1999-2008)


Why wasn't this on the front of the book I ask.


Well, the real question is this - is there any detailed maintanence manual for the K1200GT-2 family? I have a CD from BMW and it's not very good. Any help out there?


Phil Parker


. . for K1200GT, but it only goes up to

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