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Danny S

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I needed new tires for my R1150RT and I have never bought them before. I found a set of METZELER SPORTEC M3's for $215 which seemed like a good deal. I know they are more of a Sport Tire, and may not wear as good as a more of a Touring tire. What do you guys think? I've read good reviews on them and they are so cheap I could put new ones on every year.

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I installed a set of Bridgestone BT-023 about 1K ago. So fat they are performing great, and they are supposed to give good longevity, we'll see. I got them for $237 from SW Moto Tires delivered.


No opinion on the Metzelers, other than likely won't last very long, and the price difference is not so great. YMMV


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The M3 is a sport tire, lucky to get 4,000 miles.

The 023 is a sport touring tire, should last for 7 - 9,000 miles.

When you compare 3,000 miles for $215 versus 10,000+ miles on a set of PR2's for less than $300, you can see the M3's aren't cheap but rather expensive.

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