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High Temp Header Coating for R1200RT

Jim B

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Just thought I would post some pictures of my bike with the refreshed stainless headers. Mine had turned that crappy brown color like they all do. I talked with the very helpful guys at NIC industries and they steered me away from the "chromex" type coating as they could not guarantee that the pipes would not discolor at the heads. (by the way, Jet Hot does not make their own coatings, they are just a franchised application company that uses NIC products). NIC recommended their "Satin Silver" (V119) which is a metallic silver that matches the valve covers and lower bodywork very well. I took the header to a local shop in Oak Lawn, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) called Lo-Ko Coatings. Great guys, they charged me about $100 to do the work. No issues with the catalytic converter, they just coated the outside of the pipes.


Now, I am happy and eager to post some pictures, but I am apparently technologically challenged as I can't figure out how to do this. The "enter an image" command wants a url, which I do not have. All I have are some jpeg images. Any way to upload them?



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you can also add 1 or 2 small pictures with the reply screen. See just below the text area File Manager. Click that and go from there.

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will do - no problems over a long weekend of riding :) I am also curious if they will pick up any stains, and of course if they will darken. NIC says no. I will post some pics in the fall.........

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I think it took them about two weeks, but I had it done late last fall at the end of the riding season so I was in no hurry. I suspect they could have done the job in a week if I had asked them. The owner of LO-KO lives and breathes this stuff - he has samples of pipe hanging under his pick-up truck with different coatings just to see how they hold up - other samples hanging on a fence at his shop. I was very happy with the work.

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They coated the outside of the catalytic converter - they did the entire Y piece on the outside. If there was no catalytic converter to consider, they would do the pipes inside and out, and then you have the slight thermal advantage of keeping the pipes a little cooler and the exhaust gas a little hotter. So what they did for me was strictly cosmetic.

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Nice looking pipes. I wish there is one here in San Diego that I could take my 09 RT exhaust pipes...in any case, great looking pipes!




09 RT

09 Ultra

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I am sure there is someone in San Diego that does this kind of work. Just google "Header coatings San Diego" or high temp coatings. Or, visit the NIC Industries web site as they have a listing of applicators that use their products. Actually you might have better luck calling them (there is a customer service number on the web site) as they can tell you who has been to their application training sessions, who is the most active with their product, etc. They steered me to the guys I used and I am very happy with the results. A few weekends of riding already and no discoloring so far.

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The Chromeheads forum (R1200C) has a lot of posts about this. the headers on these bikes are chromed as are many other parts. Because of tough environmental laws in Germany BMW could not produce quality chromed parts. Everything rusted after awhile including the spoke wheels! Some owners have had the chrome redone but the headers were often coated with high temp chrome colored coatings with very good results. From what I remember there were some cases where the coating flaked off, probably because the part was not prepared properly. Ask how the part is prepared before the coating is applied to get the best results.


Here is the URl for the Chromeheads site:





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