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[s]Uconn or Butler[/s] The Irish or The Aggies?


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C'mon, get real. Uconn v Butler is soooooo... ...yesterday.


Really, we were fortunate enough to see the Irish in their first two tourney games here in SLC. They bring a top level band, an impressive cheer squad, and just generally present in a very polished manner.


Skylar Diggins gets all the press at point guard, but Brittany Mallory calls the defense, and runs the offense as much as Diggins. Her pinpoint passing often starts the play.


Edit: I guess strikeout text doesn't work in the subject line... you know what I mean... :)

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As you already know Twisties, I expected this to be a Tennesse Lady Vols year. However, the freshman point guard choked against the Irish, who totally dominated that game.


I'm tickled to see the Lady Aggies in the final, but I think the Irish will win it all. Expect a tough defensive game, but the superior inside out play of Notre Dame will win out over the Aggies' stifling defense.

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