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Brake Failure Warning


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NOOB question for you: When I start up my 2011 RT, the brake failure light flashes and keeps flashing until the bike starts moving. Is this normal? The manual says that if it's flashing it means that the startup check hasn't completed and that you should have it checked out. I'm thinking that if there were a problem the warning light would stay on whether the bike is moving or not. Any thoughts?

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Afternoon Mindman


That flashing brake warning light (when on) before ride off just means the system self diagnosis hasn’t "completed" YET. As soon as the bike moves a few feet the ABS controller can look at the wheel speed sensor input then complete the self diagnostics.


Your manual should address this under (self diagnosis not complete).


In any case it’s normal and as long as the light goes out after a few feet of ride off all is good.


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