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1999 R1100S - ABS question


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Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forum but not new to BMW motorcycles! I manage a collection of BMW and Ducati's, but have just bought my first BMW motorcycle myself (have a couple Japanese bike's for the track).


Anyway, I picked up a 1999 R1100S with 5,000 miles on it, and in absolutely beautiful condition. I'm looking to remove the ABS system and replace with stainless lines (for weight reduction and better brake feel). I have two questions; do I need to pick up an after market front master cylinder (or one from a non-ABS bike)? I'm wondering if the ABS front master needs the servo assist. Also, what kind of issue's I can have with the electronics when I remove the ABS sensors and such.


I'm looking into having a custom exhaust made for the bike, and am wondering if there are any back pressure needs (I know I need to include the o2 censor).


If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated! I can always go talk to my BMW guys at the dealer but I figured I might find more knowledge online!







Just getting started on her:


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Afternoon Jonathan




On your ABS question. On the 1100 the stock master cylinders will work just fine. Even the brake lights are controlled at the lever and pedal so no jumpering at the ABS controller needed.


Just remove the ABS controller and any lines that you don’t want then either make your own up or buy BMW non ABS fitting and lines.


Some find a battery that fits the old ABS computer area, lengthen the battery cables then move the battery to the old ABS controller area as that frees up additional storage in the current battery position.


Same with ABS sensors you can just remove them.


On the exhaust system?—On the 1100 engine they actually runs a bit better with the 02 removed so you can try without that (try without the CCP also) . If it still seems a bit lean then either a Techlusion fuel controller or one of the many fueling enhancers offered.

If you are riding it hard or remove the CCP you won’t be on the 02 that much anyhow (with the CCP removed not at all)


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I'm not any help with this issue - and it sounds like I don't need to be - but I feel I have to ask about the flying bike in the background....what's up with that? (ha ha - didn't mean that as a pun)


I don't know my K bikes, but that looks like maybe a K1 - I heard they are fast, but able to achieve flight?

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I don't know my K bikes, but that looks like maybe a K1 - I heard they are fast, but able to achieve flight?


Maybe they can, but have you seen the cost of doing it - with all the debris that has dropped off below it!

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