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Desert floor to 9K feet in the dirt


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Did a great ride today. 160 miles of mostly dirt involving one pass and a 4WD switchback climb from the desert floor up to the top of Mt. Lemmon at 9k feet. Damn that little DRZ is a sweet bike. It may not be a KTM, or a WR or a CRF for racing but sweet none the less. It's like a dirt-worthy and lighter KLR. Just bullet-proof.



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Did a great ride today. / Damn that little DRZ is a sweet bike.


A while back I had a sweet deal on a DRZ but, passed it up for the Xchallenge. The X is ok but, the big four knows how to build a dirt bike!


Sounds like ya had a great time! :thumbsup:




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marty mayer

Been there done that! With John, a couple of years ago. Wish I was there to do it again. It's still cold here.



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