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Pick your riding area carefully !


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From the Youtube posting:


"Rim trail in McInnis Canyon/Rabbit Valley Colorado/Utah. My skid plate clipped a rock on the left side of the trail which then sent my wheels to the right where the cliff edge was only 10 feet to the right of the trail. I bailed as soon as I could, sliding off the bike, ending up just a few feet away from joining my bike over the edge. The cliff it went off was three stepped, the first verticle section was about 30 feet down to the next small ledge then another 10 or maybe 15 feet where the bike stopped, then the last section was low angle 10 feet or about. We left the bike there for the night and rode two-up for the 6 miles back to the car. We came back the next day prepared. We had over 100 feet of tow line, climbing harness, a hand winch. We didn't know what was going to be the best way to get the bike out...up or further down. We ended up lowering the bike down the last ledge and walked it out the horseshoe canyon to the next trail where we could get the jeep to pick it up.

The bike amazingly had only a broken clutch lever and a smashed left foot peg! The front forks were perfect, the plastics were perfect, the frame, exhaust, handlebars, seat everything was in great shape!!!"

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