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color change


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Hey Guys,

Looking for some input on painting my 96 R1100RT. It was laid over by the previous owner and is scratched up, but NOT cracked or broken anywhere on the tupperware.

I can easily sand out most of the scratches and the worst ones only need a bit of spot putty and some HI-FILL primer and it will be ready to sand prime and paint.

I have decided to change the color since I am not not overly fond of the Glacier Green, Dont hate it, just not fond of it and want to modernize the look of the bike a bit.

I am going with a nice charcoal gray and a few orange hi-lite graphics. It may not be your choice I know, but Orange is my all time favorite color and always has been.


My request for input is on whether or not I should use a metalic flake orange like the newer KTM 990s have or a solid orange like the plastics on the KTM dirt bikes or a Flat Tracker HD? I am using a metail flake Gray for sure


And secondly what do you guys think about matte finish or not?

I am considering gloss on the orange and matte on the gray or maybe matte on both like the 09ish KTM superduke or sportbikes are, what do you guys think? Matte too trendy or will it just be more modern?

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Metallic orange, high gloss.

Matte is really PITA to take care, satin matte is easier.


Why wouldnt you turn the paint scheme otherways, orange main color and gray accents.

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I painted mine charcoal gray (from a late model Nissan Sentra) about two years ago. Got tired of the black and white. If you go with the orange highlights, my I suggest following a RT-P CHP paint scheme?

This photo is a bad example but how about orange just above the valve covers where you see the white panel on this bike? Rest of the bike gray.


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I have thought of orange with gray accents, but alot of people dont like orange, so if i ever resale it I think gray will sell easier especially if i keep the orange tasteful....but I do like mostly orange.


Thanks for the input on the matte care, I hadnt considered that part. I was not gonna do it truely flat, just a semi matte finish but care will still be easier if i go gloss.


I have down loaded a few pics of an RT and started coloring them in to pick a clean graphic ideas, if I can figure out how to upload them I will post them for your input on what looks cleaner.

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I've thought about painting my bike; if I ever get around to doing it, I'll document the condition of the bike before, and hopefully during and after, to demonstrate to any future owner that there wasn't a serious crash being covered up.


I'd skip the charcoal/orange and go with Ferrari Red on your bike. But that's not what you asked.

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sounds cool. My paint on the rt has some "character" to it as well. If I repaint mine I'm going to go Hi Viz! I may do it next winter.

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Nice pull aterry1067. That second link about halfway down that page is almost exactly what i am thinking, only swap the yellow with maybe the Lava orange from the new K13st and F800GS.


That is what i was looking for exactly.


See, ask and YEE shall receive.


I think I have decided on gloss since someone pointed out that the shinyer the easier to clean after a road trip. But Im not sure a low sheen semi-gloss would be too hard to clean up.


The level of gloss im looking at is like that matte sheen on the newer HD models. There is a bright blue color that is matte. A little shine but still kinda flat....not sure yet.

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Thats what I was thinking too. I love the contrast of the colors and the lines of the graphics on the second K bike in that post (what the OP calls a "checker"). I think you have some good ideas. I like the idea of the Lava color. Keep us posted. I'd love to see what you come up with. My personal preference would be all high gloss for the finish, but I do understand the appeal of the matte finish.


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Resale value is one thing to consider, but your bike is already 15 years old. So i'll bet its value goes up when you paint it - any color - so long you keep your hat on with colours (pink elephants, flowers, etc...)


I've heard many times that Beemers are nice bikes but they don't appeal because of dull colours. I agree.

I had asfalt grey RT1200 which I painted bright red.

Afterwards sold it in a glimpse because of good color.



Now I'm waiting tupperware back from painting. I never liked yellow and no better choice was mouse gray matte in 2010 GSA.

Naturally it goes red to match the color of my nose and eyes.


Back to matte and satin finishes: if you prefer metallic or pearl, you loose the accent with non gloss finishes.

They look nice for a while and then they start to look worn out.


My 3cents(inflation added)



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My 2006 was granite gray with silver lowers. There wasn't enough contrast so I had the rails, rack, gas cap and lower panels painted satin black.










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It reminds me of this thread of last year. Looking for "orange with gray accents", kmac?


Den Hieperboree


Thanks for that link Den. I had to agree with many posters in that thread...I think the silver on the lower half of that bike needs to be darker, like gray or even black.

Good heads up for when I layout my colors.


Does anyone know if you can buy factory BMW colors in a can {not a rattle can or touch up brush} like by the qt or half gallon.

I have seen the part number listed on micro pfische before but often it say "not available" after that.

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Does anyone know if you can buy factory BMW colors in a can {not a rattle can or touch up brush} like by the qt or half gallon.

I have seen the part number listed on micro pfische before but often it say "not available" after that.


If anyone would know it would be Holt BMW as they are a Glasurit dealer.

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That RT looks SHARP in red!

-What are the clear parts that follow the contour of the lowers?




Clear parts are extra wind deflectors from Wunderlich.

Redirects the air flow away mostly from passenger. The wife had constant problem during the chilly season because wind blew straight to her crotch.

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I didn't think I'd like the orange until I saw it with the checker board pattern. Looks good. I'd want the most intense orange I could find.

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