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Corrosion: How do I fix this?


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This is the connector on the relay to the PIAA's on my R1150.




It was mounted under the seat on the airbox. Planning to move it to the side compartment where the radio would be (if there was a radio). What's a good way to prevent this- is there a protective coating I can spray or pour on?

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A cheap solution is Petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

Don't get too aggressive cleaning the contacts as this can remove some of the plating that is on them.

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As has been stated start with some contact cleaner, but i like to use a tooth brush and brush real good. The toothbrush will add some aggitation to the cleaning but will not hurt any coating or finishes like a wire brush will. If you want to use a wire brush on some really stubborn corrosion, I use brass not steel or stainless steel.


Then the dielectric grease.

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I have to disagree with the Dielectric grease if you are saying to put on the contacts. With a 12V DC connection (low voltage) the dielectric grease can hamper the electrical contact. If you are saying to use it on the rubber as a sealing grease, OK. "Dielectric" means insulator. It is often used on plug wires but the spark energy is on the order of several thousand volts so the grease prevents tracking to ground. My electrical opinion....



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I would agree with you if there was a loose connection the dielectric grease could be a detriment. But if the contacts are positive and solid the grease will not effect them, but similar to you, that is just my feelings.

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IMHO, one of the best isCAIG Products.. I still use them on my ageing BMW cage and used it on the bikes and Deb's Subie when new.


It was recommended to me years ago by an A&P that worked on vintage aircraft :thumbsup:.

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