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The start of my season


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Sunday 27th March saw the start of the 2011 Round Britain Rally, an event that runs until the end of October in which you are invited to visit a number of landmarks on your motorcycle and photograph them.


Over the past couple of years a non-compulsory Annual Rally Start Event has developed, where a number of us meet up at the first landmark on the first Sunday of the rally at 12:00.


This year has 89 landmarks on the list. I am not permitted to show the landmarks until after October - but I can share with you some pictures from the National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK, which was near to the first landmark.





















Now for a taster of what the R.B.R. is about, motorcycling and fellowship.


About half of the bikes at the A.R.S.E.




There is a truly eclectic mix of machines, both two and three-wheeled vehicles are eligible. Here are some of the more unusual ones:


Kermit, a Lomax kit built three wheeler powered by a Citroen 2CV motor:




A vintage BSA and a 'modern' Royal Enfield




A cunning mix of old and new - a modern single (type unknown) in a sixties BSA frame.




And finally, a Turbo Diesel (complete with BMW final drive...)








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Nice pics. Sounds like a great ride. What's the temp there right the moment?

Curious: What is A.R.S.E.?




Bit of British humor.



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Nice pics. Sounds like a great ride. What's the temp there right the moment?

Curious: What is A.R.S.E.?


Like the others have said, it is the Annual Rally Start Event.


Temps on Sunday started with a ground frost, so just above freezing and got up to 18C, which is mid-60s F, but that is warm for the time of year, normal daytime highs would be low to mid teens C



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Looking forward to another riding season of your great RR's and pics Andy. :clap:


You've started on a high as boats are in my blood. Seems whenever Kath and I ride it's to water. After boats and water comes old buildings. One can't go wrong following your posts.

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Nice one Andy.

Wish I was there , and looking forward to meeting up with you again shortly so we can see what needs to be done with the Pathfinder in order to get it back on the road.


Ride safe.



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I could feel the warmth of the sun (or not ;) )

Love the color in these shots with the sun.


Great photos, Andy!

Looking forward to more throughout the year

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