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Rust over the speaker housing

dan cata

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Hi all,


I have seen on some later models of the 1100RT, that the metal fairing that is covering the speakers is rusty. Not happening on mine, but it could in the future.


I thought that the plates that block hot air coming from the front oil cooler only block but they actually re-direct the hot air towards the speakers zone. If riding hile cold weather + the hot air fom the cooler, could not that make the rust appear? Condense?



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For the rust to appear, the paint must be damaged or incorrectly applied?

Indeed if the surface is damaged and the underlying metal can oxidise, then warmth will accelerate the process of oxidisation.

But what are you suggesting? The solution is not about where the warmer air is being directed, but one of surface protection.


So a good coating of Wayoyl/ACF50/whatever is your favourite and most rubust & trustworthy corrosion inhibitor is the solution.



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I was thinking that the heat might be the main cause for rust in that area... I have used the plates to dirrect the heat upwards this winter and there was some kind of gray thing on the dash, and it was not there last autumn. It went away at the first pressure wash, but it made me think about rust going on and on...



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