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R1200RT Stereo Install


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Just finished installing a stereo on my 2009 R1200RT. Here are the youtube links. Any questions feel free to ask. sheldoncjohnson@yahoo.com.




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The parts list include


OEM bmw speakers


iphone dock

iphone cable (with charging)

USB charger

remote control

centech AP-1

Nav intergration

bluetooth in (optional)

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I actually got it off of ebay. It has volume, balance, treble, base, rca input, 3.5mm input and USB charging. It is a two channel and paid about $13 for it. Its actually quite loud with clean, good sound. I have been able to hear it very well while riding around town (as can my passenger). Have not tried it on highway yet.

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Very nice installation. A complete and more descriptive parts list would be appreciated.


I'm using a J&M Integratr on my radio-less RT, and it works, but does not look nearly as nice as your set up, and of course I have no remote control of my small MP3 player - it's in the glove box out of reach. I keep thinking something like what you have would be very nice.......but then again I have gotten so lazy in my old age...... :grin:

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R1200RT Stereo Install


Here is my parts list for the Stereo install


1. Carcomm iPhone 4 Mount (www.kudausa.com) - $79

I purchased the iPhone 4 pass-through version. I used this to hold, position and connect iPhone to the amplifier. You can position the iphone in portrait or landscape mode.

The best mounting location for the Carcomm mount is on steering column using Navigation mount (my Navigator IV was originally mounted there).


2. Centech Auxiliary Fuse Panel & Relay (www.centechwire.com)

$33 - relay wiring kit for AP-2

$55 - AP-2 Kit


3. Two Channel motorcycle & boat amplifier (www.ebay.com) - $13

a. Connects to centech fuse panel for power and ground.

b. Connects to front right and left speaker for amplified sound.

c. Connects to iphone using either by 3.5mm audio plug or Red / White RCA plug (amp has both connections)

d. The amp has a USB port for charging (would be perfect for iphone but did not charge the iphone.) The manufacturer told me that this USB provides 12 volts while the iphone only needs 5v.


4. Speakers & Parts (Hermy's BMW) $482 total

a. 83 30 0 402 342 – two pin cable plug (need 2)

b. 65 13 7 682 071 – loud speaker left

c. 65 13 7 682 072 – loud speaker right

d. 06 32 7 657 949 – screws (6)

e. 48 63 7 658 638 – nuts (6)


5. iPhone 2-in-1 audio and sync cable (www.amazon.com) - $10

a. connected to the carcomm pass through,

b. connected to amplifier for sound,

c. connected to USB charger to charge iphone.


6. USB 12v dual charger (www.ebay.com) - $10

a. Can be hard-wired to the battery

b. Connect to the USB portion of the 2-in-1 audio cable to charge iphone.


7. Scosche Remote (http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/1821 ) $70

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The amp is held in place with velcro as I had to remove it several times to make connections as the parts came in. The centech relay trigger is the rear 12v accessory port (for heated clothing). It stays on after the bike is turned off for a minute or so.

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