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brake discs


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hi guys, mike in ireland here.....any recommendations on where to pick up a pair of front discs for a 2000 r1100rt?


many thanks





i hope Ive not caused offence ive not been able to find a new members intro forum :(

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First of all, welcome! I don't see any offense here at all. New members usually introduce themselves in the Motorcycle Talk forum. Not all that intuitive, I know...


Sorry I can't help out with your question. If you take a few minutes and fill out some more details in your profile, it will make it easier for others to help out going forward.



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Hi Mike




You could try Motorworks in the UK they do both new and used and prices are usually reasonable.


http://www.motorworks.co.uk/bmw/products/product.php?f=i&code=BA_15_30_HA_50&shnew=New&model=R850/1100/1150 & Cruiser (8 valve)&shnewcode=15&part=Brakes&sub_part=Brake discs and fittings, front&modelcode=30&partcode=HA&source_code=BA_15_30_HA_50&header_text=&header_text_image=0&spPage=2


I have always had good service from them in the Past


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Hi Mike and welcome :wave:


I always use one of either Motorworks, Motobins or James Sherlock.


All of them will ship to Ireland. Both Motobins and James Sherlock carry Grimeca brand replacement disks for these bikes which a remuch cheaper than OEM and of great quality. FWIW, James Sherlock told me a few years ago that he would not stock EBC because he did not like the quality.



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Welcome Mike.


Boffin has 3 good options.

Ebay & maybe Amazon are other options.

They are all pretty readily available at comparable prices.

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