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Darien GA


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The wife and I spent the night at a local Inn, located in Darien, GA. The name "Waterfront Inn", real nice and lots of local scenery. The Waterfront Inn overlooks a river and sits right in the old down town area of Darien. There are several great resturants and a wine store and bar, the bar is in the back of the wine store. Sapelo Island, Ft.King George, St.Simons and Jekyll Island are near by. We went to Darien for the Scotish Festival and decided to sleepover rather than drive drunk. It was a gret time. It would be a nice destination if your driving through or for a local day trip.

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Looks nicer than the dump I stayed in a few months ago in St. Marys. Will give it a try soon.


Oh, and hi. :wave:

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