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Need AUSTRALIAN Advice....


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Hi All-


Leaving later this month for my first trip down under. Unfortunately, it will be all business with extremely limited time for pleasure, and basically no sightseeing beyond the cities. A shame, but that's the way this worked out. I'm looking forward to finally meeting some of our Aussie customers, who I stay up late corresponding with on a daily basis - great people.


Anyway, the layout looks like this:


24th Thursday- Arrive Sydney

25th Friday – Sydney

26th Saturday – Sydney

27th Sunday – Sydney

28th Monday – Adelaide

29th Tuesday – Adelaide

30th Wednesday – Melbourne

31st Thursday – Depart Sydney


I've got meetings every single day, so not much time. But maybe a few hours free, or an evening once in awhile. Can some of you recommend what I ought to be doing with my free time in these cities?



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Send a message out to BabyCow (his board name, his last name is Calf).... Mick lives in Sydney and I'm sure he can give you some advise. Mick is a great guy... and pretty funny.



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.......... Can some of you recommend what I ought to be doing with my free time in these cities?




Get out of them and visit me! .....


Sydney - Opera House, Climb the Harbour Bridge, Cruise the harbour

Melbourne - A lot of galleries, restaurants

Adelaide - The city of churches, if you are into that



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Moshe, you gotta buy a digiredoo. An authentic one from down under.

They are great instruments and really good for your health.

I have one and spend about 5 minutes a day on it.

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Don't eat the vegemite.



Do eat the vegemite.


The place is divided over this issue.

Be careful.

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Try the vegemite. It's a savoury taste experience. Just don't have too much in one go until you decide you like it or not.


Only been to Sydney once so can't really comment.

Only been to Adelaide once but if you get the chance, do some of the wineries out that way. Wolf Blass is highly recomended. Also go to Hahndorf for a look.

Melbourne - been a bit more often

BMW dealer is here - 130 CITY ROAD,SOUTHBANK VIC 3006.

Walk along South Bank, river tours, Aquarium, zoo etc.

Melbourne Exhibition Centre - http://www.mcec.com.au/Attend/Event-Calendar/Upcoming-Events.html


Otherwise, come on down to Hobart for a visit and i'll take you around.


Enjoy Oz, it's a great place.






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+1 on the bridge climb in Sydney. My wife insisted, I was reluctant because it was a bit pricey and I'm not much for the tourist type stuff. After all said in done it was well worth it.

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+1 on the Vegemite.

Best to try it first in a Vegemite and Tomato Sandwich (on brown bread) :thumbsup:

Surely you don't eat that muck? Traitor.
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BTDT but I way prefer Marmite mate :thumbsup:


Have it on hot buttered toast on a Sunday with a fine mug of English Breakfast tea ;)!

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Ask every Aussie you meet "How did your boys do in the Ashes this summer?"

There are laws about plotting the deaths of others I'll have you know!!

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Gary in Aus

Not sure where you will be staying in Sydney.


So that will dictate how much time you have on evenings.


1. Check if there are any major rugby matches on to watch the game they play in heaven.It is much better at the ground than on television. Really worth the effort




2.Do a bridge climb.


3.Sydney aquarium


4. A performance of any kind at the Opera House.Sydney has many stage and theatre productions . One of my favourites is the Wharf Review


5 Ride on a Sydney ferry . Good one is Circular Quay to Manly return.


6.Most things on the Harbour {Captain Cook or Matilda cruise}.Lunch /dinner cruise a bit touristy but we have taken many overseas visitors on cruise and they seem to like it.


7. Catch ferry to Taronga Zoo, use cable car up and walk back through zoo.


8 .Try XO or Rockpool . Degustation at Rockpool is superb ,a bit pricey but superb.


9. Try a pie and peas at Harrys Cafe de Wheels , will see some interesting characters.


10 I don't suggest asking any Australians "how we did in the Ashes" as with either an american or english accent ,you will probably get a couple of punches in the face


11. Floatplane ride from Sydney Harbour , the trip up the coast is good but if you can circle via the Blue Mountains , amazing scenery.


12 . I am a member of the Maritime Museum and can spend all day there { a bit biased}


13 The NSW Museum showcases the uniqueness of Australia {don't be freaked out by the things that will kill you , animal ,mineral and vegetable}


Even if it doesn't look poisonous it probably is.


14. Go for a surf , please swim between the flags as this is usually the safest place to swim and it makes it easier for our lifesavers to find your body/parts


15. Centrepoint Tower.


There are so many things to do in Sydney ,best bet is to research the web for what you like.


Try Sydney rock oysters {I think Narooma oysters are best}, rock lobsters and if available mud crabs.


Adelaide has some really good wine districts but your time may be short , look for some shows/theatre .Try King George whiting in fine tempura batter , not too large a fillets and no sauces!


Melbourne ,try theatres/shows ,Phillip Island is probably too far with your limited time, the Racetrack some good restuarants around Cowes and the nightly penguin parade is good fun.


Ligon Street has some good restuarants and Victoria markets "can" have some good stuff but unfortunately it is amongst a lot of "market" stuff.

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And you have to go to the Fortune of War pub near the Rocks in Sydney. A must do.


+1 on the Fortunes of War. Wish I was there now!


While in Melbourne, there is a great steakhouse called Rare. The address is 61 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000 VIC.


The 650g dry-aged steak could be the finest steak you will ever have in your life!

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Having lived in Adelaide for 20 years, the only places in Adelaide itself I can recommend are:


1. Rundle Street: East, food, coffee and booze.

2. Hindley Street: Fast food, faster women, Chaos and vice central.


Outside of the city: Barossa Valley wineries, Southern vales wineries, Cleland National park to hug a Koala.


Adelaide is a laidback place that is more a big country town than a city.

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Gary in Aus

I think that 60214 Offset Fabricated 150mm actually was Miss Adelaide in 2009 , I think though that she has gained some weight.


That she is now a redhead had me confused {in more ways than you could imagine}.


There is a poster to this forum who posts about new equipment he purchases , could be a trend.

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