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Colorado Tourbike Rentals


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Vivat Veritas

Rented from this outfit last summer. I highly recommend this outfit. Bill has had this for ten+ years and has a good assortment of well maintained bikes. We rented one R1200RT and two 1200GSs. Absolutely no trouble. We even met another couple who rented from Bill along the way.


We flew to Denver and shuttled to the shop....about thirty minutes on SuperShuttle. Got there at 9:00ish and were on the road at 9:30am. He even had storage for us to leave our duffles that carried our packed liners. 2300 miles & 8 days later he met us 6:00pm to check us in. Obviously he was flexible with his hours also.

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Thanks. I'm going to store my own "out West" bike with him for a while. He seems to be a good guy.

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My wife and I rented 2 bikes from him last September.

Everything went as planned and scheduled with him and he stored our boxes that we had pre-shipped to him before the trip, then held them for a Fed Ex pickup after we repacked them and headed home.


The only negative things I would say is that the 1200GS I rode had 60K miles and still had it's original shocks, so they were not very good. The tire on the 650GS my wife rode had a squared off rear that may not have made the trip, so they replaced it at my request.

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I rented from them last summer. 3200 miles in 10 days across CO, UT, WY, MT, ID, and SD. Overall a good experience except for way too many issues with the 2 RT's I rode. First one had worn 50K plus shocks and it rode like it. Also, it developed a significant oil leak out of the left spark plug hole cuz the tech doing the last tune on it failed to install the rubber sealing ring in the valve cover.


They did replace it with another RT with Bill riding almost 10 hours straight out to Moab and then riding the "leaker" back. The second RT had ESA that worked "some of the time" and developed a 5K rpm miss that would keep the engine from revving past that point under any real load. Not a lot of fun when we could easily run 85-120 mph for miles upon miles. Anyway, we didn't want to be more delayed, so we pressed on to the finish back in Denver 3 days later. That RT also lost the HW that held on the centerstand (rendering it useless) and the left side mirror fell out of it's housing while we stopped for fuel. Good thing I packed a big roll of duct tape!! Turns out that the engine issue was a defective ignition coil on the lower left plug. Sheesh.....


To their credit, Bill and his wife were very sympathetic and did offer a significant break on my rental charge because of the 2 major problems I had.


I would rent from them again, but would insist on a newer, fresher bike that the 2 that I wound up with.

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