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Michelin PR2


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I have always found the best PR2 prices at derbycycles.com


I've bought 3-4 sets from them so far. Even with free shipping from places like Motocyclesuperstore, they have always been cheaper at Derby.

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Pilot Road 2's seem to have been replaced by Pilot Road 3's. There may be some unusually low prices on the 2's now from some of the less well known retailers too.

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I just got a front (PR3) tire from two brothers (discount-motorcycletires). Couple of dollars more than some others, but only just; less than 10, and had I ordered a set rather than one, the shipping would be free. My first purchase from them, and like I heard from others, the delivery van was pulling up before I could confirm the order (ok, that's exaggerating, but the shipping was fast). From my research on tires, most all online retailers were within a few dollars of each other, shipping included. Biggest reason I ordered from two-brothers, I like the idea of supporting the smaller individual or family owned businesses.


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I could not find the discount-motorcycletires specific site. Do you have the web address? How is the PR3 looking so far?

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Also known as e-moto.

Owned by Iron Horse BMW of Tucson, AZ.

So you may not be supporting your local BMW dealer, but at least you can support a BMW motorcycle dealer. (It does make one wonder why the rest can't or won't compete).

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