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Hello everyone, I just joined the forum a couple of days ago. I've been reading the treads for sometime and I've been impressed by the crowd (wide range of backgrounds) this site draws. I hope to have some great conversations here and learn alot about BMW's. I started riding Triumph's in the 60's, switched to Hondas in the 70's and am just now starting with Beemers. I quit riding for about 20 years and am just now(in my 2nd teenage) going back to bikes. I recently bought a 2000 R1100RT with a little over 37k miles and pretty well decked out. I think the previous owner babied the bike and I'm greatful. Unfortunately, I bought the bike just in time for Winter. It got delivered after an 8" snow storm. Yes I'm saying I haven't had it on the road yet. Hurry up Spring! I hope to have riding stories to share "down the road". Hi again.

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put on the Gerbings and ride

sense of temp is directly proportional to your need to ride

enjoy you'll love it

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Welcome. The riding is even better than the anticipation. You'll also be impressed with the civlity of the discussions. Not perfect - but better than anywhere else I've seen...

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Congrats on finding a 'gently used' 1100RT. I too, found my 'New to me R1100RT' and gently used 2000 model last October, but it is my second one. The first was a '98 that I bought gently used in 2001 and was so impressed with it for 8 years and close to 100K miles that after it was gone, (mostly gone anyway--see signature lines), I replaced it with this one. My personal opinion is that the 1100RT may be one of the finest bikes ever produced by BMW or any other company. Afterall it did get named as the #1 sport-touring bike in the world not once, not twice, but four years in a row!!


Hope you get to enjoy it very soon; and welcome to the site.

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Thanks for all the warm greetings. I've enjoyed the "flavor" and civility of this forum. I keep posting in the wrong forums but I'll eventually get that right.

I woke up to zero degrees and 1/4" of snow today so, Gerbings or not I'm riding the easy chair until that changes. I'm sorry to hear Cruisin is parting out his RT. What happened? I found the bike I own in Texas. Of course I broke all my rules for buying anything. I didn't go and drive/ride it, or see it other than pictures. Brilliantly I didn't hear it run (I shudder to think about that) but it worked out well. It purrs like a kitten-now the road is the next step. I dealt with N.Dallas BMW. The bike was a consignment. Unless some issue arises I'd say they dealt with me fairly. I went with the bike because of seat height (I'm height challenged-5'9" and 30" inseam) and the reputation of that model. I think I chose wisely all in all.

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Not to worry on the parting of the '98; it was a choice I made freely. It had 119K+ miles on it and the fuel distributor was leaking. That repair is not terribly expensive from a parts perspective, but very involved for labor. It is one of those deals where you have to practically break the bike in half to get at it. I looked at that and began to consider what else might be in need of replacement/maintenance while I had it that far apart. By the time I added up everything that would make sense at that mileage, I chose not to dump a whole lot of time and money into a 12-year old bike with that many miles on it. Now that I have almost completely torn one down, I am more likely to do what-ever maintenance will be required to keep it running, so the '00 may see a very long life.


I offered the '98 up for sale "as is," but had no reasonable offers so I chose to part it out and have managed to get back at least blue book value on it. Sure I could have rebuilt or replaced or serviced everything needed at the time but I would have still had a 12-year old bike with a lot of miles on it. Now I have an 11-year old bike with very few miles on it and not too far out on the finances. Plus; a whole bunch of guys who needed parts got them at about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of new, so everybody wins.


btw: you're smart for staying off icy roads on your bike; I tried that only one time way back in 1968 with my Honda 90. I found out pretty quickly that mixing icy roads and two wheels is a stooooopid choice--will never try that again.

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Ok folks I did it! I braved the weather(36F and sunny)and took the bike out for a 5 mile run today.The riding was beter than the anticipation. N.D. is constantly windy and I had a Westerly breeze puching me from the right. Much like my old Triumph, this bike leaned into the wind with perfect balance. I didn't notice any of the top heavy characteristics that some of the MC magazine writers complained about when this bike was introduced. I had some trouble seeing the instruments-too much bright sun in my eyes and dark sunglasses on so I had some issues selecting the right gear when doing under 55. Otherwise a good experience. You should have seen the kid riding the snowmobile on the shoulder of the road-He had a "what the.." look on his face like I was the crazy one. Whoa, maybe he was onto something there.

We've got freezing rain and the possibility of snow the next several days so the next ride may have to wait.

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