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Problem w/ Ipod

John Ranalletta

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John Ranalletta

I download audio books from the library. The library uses a program called Overdrive Media Console to manage and house the download and then transfer it to an mp3 device, iPod, iPhone, etc.


The audio books are downloaded in cd segments. The most recent download is "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Millenium Series, Book 1"; and, it has 13 segments; however, the problem I'll describe occurs will all downloads.


Though the files are transferred to the iPhone or iPod, they are not in the iTunes listing but do appear in the Music/Audiobooks; thus the files cannot be grouped in a playlist or otherwise manipulated. They are removed from the device when a sync is completed and the "Manually manage music and videos" switch is enabled. Otherwise, only mail, calendar and contacts are sync'd.


Anyhow...when playing the audio books on the iPhone and the end of one segment is reached, the iPhone will automatically play the next segment. OTOH, when played on the iPod, when the end of a segment is reached, that segment replays instead of the next segment.


Any help with getting the iPod to automatically jump to following segments would be appreciated.

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