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Another I-phone question

Dave McReynolds

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Dave McReynolds

Is there any virus or other Internet related protection built into the I-phone 4, and if not, does it need any, and is any available?


I've noticed that I can open Excel files attached to emails and read them. Is there any way I can store them on the I-phone and recall them later?

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Not sure about virus protection, though I have had the iPhne for ~ 2 years without incident, FWIW.


As far as Excel files is concerned, 'Dropbox' allows you to synchronize files between your desktop and iPhone, and read the files on the iPhone. No editing capability of xls files, but it also will allow you to store & sync .doc and .pdf files (among others).


There are other programs by now, I'm sure. But this is the one I've been using with great ease and success.

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as far as excel docs attached to emails, just dont delete the email, and the doc is stored on the phone. Dropbox does work well if you want to access something on your computer or your phone.


The one big gripe I have with iphone mail is none of my spam filters running on the desktop work, so I get all the crap on the iphone that I have going directly to trash on the desktop.


But no problems with viruses to date, and do not know of any virus software available.


Still a good idea to keep wifi turned off unless needed, there are snooper programs out there that could theoretically grab your bank or BMWST login when browsing at starbucks.

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