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Change knobs on Gerbing's portable dual temp controller


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Hi. The knob on the Gerbing's (single) portable temp controller is large and easy to operate when I'm wearing my triple-digit rain covers over my (old-style) Gerbing's heated gloves.


However, now I have a dual portable temp controller, and I find that the smaller knobs on it are very hard to operate when I'm wearing my rain covers over my gloves.


How can I change the small knobs on the dual temp controller to the larger knob that is on the single temp controller? TIA.



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Morning John


I also wanted to install larger knobs on my dual controller. There are no visible set screws so the knobs must just pull off. Problem is I gave mine a good tug and they seem pretty tight (maybe glued on or very heavy press fit). In any case I was afraid to pull any harder as I didn’t want to damage the internal rheostats.


SO, I just cut a couple of pieces of rubber tubing (actually in my case rubber pipe nipple caps) then slid the rubber over the existing knobs. Works pretty good and is easy to grab with gloves.





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