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Upstate New York to Cape Breton to Gaspe and back


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Anyone got a route that they have taken from Central NY, near Utica to Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail to the Gaspe Peninsula and back thru Maine. I want to avoid Quebec City and Montreal but don't want to ride the same roads twice. The Ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia is no longer operating and may not in the future either.

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How much time do you have? You can spend a few days getting thru ME or you can blast up I95. Stay away from Rte 1 at least until you get past Portland, and even then it's fairly slow going, but it's a much nicer ride than I95. Another option would be to ride across VT & NH and into the mountains in ME then you could ride some really nice roads thru ME and pretty much eliminate any slab riding, but still make pretty good time. But that's the long way to NB from NY - again, how much time do you have? I'm very familiar with ME, NH and VT roads and could help you with more specifics if that's the route you want to take. Give us a little more info.

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You can run off the beaten path across northern VT and NH, pick up Rt 16 thru Wentworth Location, NH into ME and then either head north to the Gaspe or east to Lincoln, ME and Rt 6 thru McAdam, NB, or Rt 9 from Bangor to Calais, ME.


Check out maps in two of my albums "2004 09 Gaspe" and "2000 Nova Scotia". The maps are the last pics in each of the albums.


Also see here for pics and maps of our 2009 dual sport ride to NS.


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