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New Ducati + 120mph top speed = $700,000 (?)


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OK, maybe you want more than 120mph out of your 700 grand Ducati, but I have the feeling you'll have no trouble finding a date with this parked next to your waterfront condo.


Also, 2200 bhp works quite well at most braggin' rights get-togethers.


More stuff HERE





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Cigarette became the name of that style of boat when they first came out, long,skinny and white was the norm. So they got the nickname cigarette. The company "Cigarette" was one of the first to build that style of boat as well.


Kind of like saying Kleenex. Many people ask for a kleenex instead of a PUFFS or some other brand or even a "facial tissue" Because Kleenex has become the industry standard. Same with that boat...the brand Cigarette became the industry standard, the sytle looks like a cigarette, so the boat design became a cig.

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