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Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 Powerset


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I previously used the Scala Rider Teamset and it worked as stated and expected. The only issue I had was the wire on the boom where is connected to the base broke and Cardo Systems replaced it under warranty. I've since purchased the newer G4 Powerset. Right out of the box the two devices did not work as stated or expected. I called Cardo support and the tech talked me through resetting the device and we got my G4 working as expected, but after I charged both G4's then next morning when I turned them on, both G4's were not working as expected.


I called Cardo support they had me send the units back. Cardo tech support sent another G4 Powerset (I believe refurbished, so I paid for new and one week later have I believe refurbished). When I first turned the G4 pair on it worked as expected and then again after charging over night the next day the VOX does not fully work in regards to starting a cell call, same as the first set.


Also one of the boom's when moved is very loud and squeaky unlike the other G4 and the first set of G4's, it sounds like it will break prematurely. I'm a computer programmer and typically have very little issue with such devices but these units have been a challenge. When they are working they work great, I would not have designed the units to reset device when power is disconnected after 10 seconds, even thought I'm charging longer then 10 seconds I think this feature is part of the problem.

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