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BMW City Pants 2


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I'm looking for opinions here...looking for something to wear when the weather gets warmer for shorter trips when I don't want the ATGATT look. I really like the looks of these and the idea of the protection afforded. Your thoughts?

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I have the original City pants. Very comfortable, excellent armor, I also use them for the same types of trips you will. If I needed to replace them I would get another pair.

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Thanks guys - I should point out that I'm specifically looking at the denim version...


Maybe I'm being a goof, but my Tourmaster pants make me feel like I'm assaulting the place when I walk into a store, etc when running errands.

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I have City Pants. They're extremely comfortable. The armour warms up and molds to my knees after I put them on and is so comfortable that I barely notice them. Wind is blocked if it gets chilly, because of the armour in the knees. I've washed them once and they came out perfect. No shrinkage, and the armour slides back in. There are 2 positions for the knee armour, so my shorter legs got a better position after washing. I've never been hot in them, but have only ridden up to about 75 degrees so far. The bottom leg opening is just large enough to slide over my Santiago boots (pretty bulky boots) but everything zips up and fits just fine. These are my favourite pants for urban riding and do not have that ATGATT look, or swish swish ski pants sound. I would buy them again and again.

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