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Protecting Saddlebags


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Now I've done it. Ordered a 2011 R1200RT. :grin:



But I've got a little problem. Past experience has shown me that I WILL scratch the top of the panniers. :mad:


BMW now offers a Pannier protection kit consisting av clear plastic protectors that you place on the panniers. "Self adhesive protective film". Has anyone tried these? I get the feeling they will hide the beautifull metallic paint job with a mat plastic cover.


Is there any other solution that works as well? Has anybody tried clear lacquer? On new panniers?


I appreciate any advice anyone has.


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It's a clear plastic film much like used on cars. 3M among others make similar clear plastic films. Applied properly and it's barely noticeable although it's not for the faint of heart to apply.


Unfortunately, it will show scuff marks but does protect the paint. If it gets really bad take a cotton swab and denatured alcohol and give a swipe without touching it again.


And if you decide to go that route you'd be smart to trace the pattern before applying. ;)

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If you're looking for alternatives, I've used this for many years with great success. It has saved my cases from lots of scuffs and over time, looks a little marked up, but I know the case is in perfect condition.


No affiliation, just a satisfied customer....

Auto Trim Design


And they make kits specifically for BMW motorcycles!




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I have the black ones on my R1200R and find that automotive polishing compound takes the boot scuffs right out. I also wax them when I do the rest of the bike.

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