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First 2011 Ride

George Brown

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Wow - hard to believe that its already February 17th and I just got my first ride in this year. Usually I get out on New Years Day. Global warming has brought our part of the world snow cover since Christmas and relatively cold temperatures until the last couple of days.


Today it reached 64F by 2 PM and my bride was at one of our daughter's homes helping with our newest grandchild (6 days old), so.... I checked the oil, topped off the tires, suited up, unplugged the BT and took a ride up the Delaware River to Rieglesville (83 miles RT).


I almost always ride north on the NJ side and return south on the PA side keeping the river to my left so that I am looking across on-coming traffic at the views. Today it might have better to do an opposite loop as the ride home from Riegelsville was a little chilly and the hills to the west blocked the falling sun.


For those who are interested, I take NJ-29 from Washington Crossing/Titusville north to Frenchtown the county route-619 north to Milford and CR-627 to Reigelsville returning on PA-611 to PA32, then PA-32 back to PA-532 in Washington Crossing and PA-532 back to Newtown. Nice little 1-3/4 hour loop.


Great to be in the saddle again and dancing on the the asphalt again!!!

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