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Connection for GPS


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GPS units draw almost no power, and it's usually useful for them to be powered up all the time when they're on the bike, so that you have the option of leaving the GPS on without running the batteries inside the GPS when you're off the bike for brief periods.


That said, I recommend using the harness supplied with the GPS unit and running it directly off the battery. You can route the power cable up to the handlebars under the tupperware using zip ties to hold it in place. Be sure to check that the cable isn't stretched by or interfere with the stop-to-stop range of the handlebars.

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Your '08 comes with a GPS plug taped to the harness on the right hand side of the steering head.


FYI... here is a good reference:



Can't be any easier... plug is easy to find, gotta peel off the cloth tape and squeeze the cover at the end and the plug-cover will come off. Then plug-in the yellow part that you get from your BMW stealer wired to your ZUMO (BTW, it is 12 volts so make sure you have the 12 volt direct wiring cable, not a cable for the GPS that wants 5 volts! i.e. most Nuvi's, etc..) @ $23 to $26 bux!, VIOLA! EZ-PEAZY. Roll up all your wires, zip-tie them to about the same brace that the plug was/is on... good to go.

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