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Mrs Whip is 29


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Happy Birthday! I can understand the 29 but what is the multiplier? :)


Doesn't matter anyway, it's what's in the heart that is the true age so you are still a mature youngster.

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Hum, I thought it was only my wife who told everyone she was 29 - every year.


I was skiing with the kids a few weeks ago and some guy jumped on the lift with us. Somehow we got into a conversation that lead to my 7 year old saying "my mom is 29". The guy told me I was a lucky. I am and so are you Whip.


Louise - Feliz Cumpleanos from CT.

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Thanks! I'm always going to be 29 and holding. But with a few more wrinkles every year.


Louise, you got the prettiest wrinkles I ever saw!

And you don't look a day over 27!

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