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flea and tick


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gotta get some flea and tick prevention for my new pup....any recommendations? moving to florida in about 4 months if all goes well.and i know they are bad down there.

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Nice n Easy Rider

We've used FrontLine for years on our two (14 yo and 9 yo) lab mixes and they're outside a lot in our heavily-wooded backyard. Never found either fleas or ticks on them but if we're walking out there for a few minutes we often find ticks on us. (And no, we haven't tried FrontLine on ourselves! :grin:)

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+1 on the Frontline as well.

When Advantage and Frontline came out, several of the major chain pet supply stores damn near went out of business. Turns out that flea sprays and bug bombs were the most profitable part of their business.


The stuff works by killing the critters (Fleas and ticks) before they get a chance to bite. With fleas, less than 10% are on the dogs at any given time. But a couple of days with a treated dog around, and ALL the fleas are dead.

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Frontline hands down. If you use it per the directions you won't have any problems. I don't know what kind or how old your pup is but they have to be so old before you can apply safely.

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I dont like that kind of stuff like advantage or frontline but if Im put in a situation that I have to put it on my dog, I prefer frontline. I was way up in the mountains and I got a tick on my eyelid and did not know it until the next morning. Rubbing alchohol and tweezer going counter clockwise, pulled it out myself.

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Check with you Vet first. It has to be applied according to the weight of the dog and I think there is an age minimum.


+1 on the age thing - ask the vet


You might also want to ask the vet about an immunization against lime disease. Dogs can get it too.

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"Frontline" ( approved for use after 8 weeks old)does not appear to bother my dogs' ticks much but is great for fleas and doesn't come off after they play in the surf.

"Preventic" collars (3 month old puppies and up) work well for ticks but not fleas.

My dogs get both.

When Frontline came out, the vets suddenly got some easy riches and pest control companies suffered badly.



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Used the Frontline with good success. Always got it at the vet. Think it even needed a vet RX at the time? But perhaps I'm thinking of the heartworm stuff.

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