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ABS Fluid Replace


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Does anyone have the measurements for the wooden blocks that are installed in the caliper to keep the pucks from moving in? Front and rear. I have seen it somewhere but can't remember..

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Here's the dimensions:

Front block 3.0" x .43" x 1.25" (two per front caliper)

Front block 3.o" x .86" x 1.25" (one per front caliper)

Rear block 2.75" x .43" x 1.125" (two on rear caliper)



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Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a pack of PLASTIC door/window frame wedge shims. They are nice and long and have a perfect smooth taper to them. Slip them in from opposite ends and they smoothly force the pads into their bores.

Cost about $1.99 and reusable over & over.

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