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R1100RT handlebar radio remote control


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Hi, from Norway :)

Is there someone who has manage to use the BMW (Clarion RCB-021-100) handlebar remote control with an aftermarket Clarion stereo?


Best Regards


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Morning Audun


I know this won’t directly answer your question but will maybe help you figure it out with some research.


I have used the factory handlebar radio remote controls on two (non BMW) motorcycles to control aftermarket radios.


The radios I used were a single wire input so it was fairly easy to make the factory controls work.


With the single wire aftermarket radio inputs the control is through different resistance inputs.


First I researched the radios I used to determine what resistance input was used to make the radio do what. Then I made up a simple flow chart using the desired output from the handlebar controls with series or parallel resistors to achieve the radio input I needed. Then I added all the resistors in a little handy box to house all the circuits, then just wired it in between the radio and the handlebar controls.


On both bikes I did the handlebar control to the aftermarket radio I was extremely happy with the control functions with almost all the handlebar functions working the proper thing on the radios. Seeing as the radios had more functions than I had switches for I did have to eliminate a few radio remote control functions but those were doable through the radio buttons if needed.




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