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Motorcycle Safety Action Plan in the Netherlands


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Hi all, been a while.. Still happily riding my GS though!




Also I started a fanpage on Facebook recently about Motorcycle Safety. A lot of it is in Dutch but also a lot in English, I try and have a bit of a wide platform as I think it's a worthwhile topic. Today I posted a Plan of Action that the Dutch government has just put out. It's quite a few pages, but I thought as you guys are always interested in learning about safety I would post a link here. Obviously this is geared toward Europe and may seem weird in places for American riders.


This is my FB fanpage (please 'Like' if you like it) where you'll find the rapport and underneath a separate link for those of you who don't Facebook but would like to read it:




Regards, Miriam

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I only had time to download the publication and glance at it, but want to express my appreciation and Thank You for the post and link.


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