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R100RTABS Reconnect


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First Time Poster, Purchased 2000 R1100RT with 51K two days ago!


Previous owner had ABS disconnected, How do I re-connect it?

Reading other posts, I've determined that Relay #8 in the fuse Box is for the abs light, but could find nothing else. Also found many post on how to reset the ABS. How is the ABS typically disconnected?


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Hi and welcome to the forum.


I belive relay #9 is for ABS and 8 is for Motronic - reading from the 1150 schematics pdf, and I belive the 1100 is the same setup.


So install a relay in there and come with updates. There's a recent discussion on advrider.com regarding the price for such a relay (100+$), but try to put the horn relay instead and see what's next.



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Thanks for the Welcome Paul. I'm the 4th owner, Guy I bought it from got it with ABS disconnected. Just rode at night and found out that the Headlight needs replacing. Will be taking it to SportCycle Pacific in Santa Barbara this week before my first 1000 mile 3day trip this weekend. Pacific Coast Hwy One! I'll have them check out the bike and replace the headlight, will also ask about the ABS.


Nother off-topic question, during my check ride got it up to 70 and the ride was quite smooth, but on the ride home, noticed distracting vibration over 75. Feel it in the pegs and grips and seat, is this normal? My single Cylinder Scarabeo 500 scooter was much smoother at 75.


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Morning Ross


The ABS on the 1100RT can be disconnected in many-many ways. Anything from total controller removal, to unplugging the large wire connector going into the ABS controller, to clipping a power wire, to fuse removal, to unhooking the large power wire to the relay under the controller cover, to who knows.


In order to re-connect the ABS you need to understand the system enough to troubleshoot what wires are connected where, what fuses control what, what the parts are and are located.


If you want to start some trouble shooting then ask questions back here as you get to specific areas we can help you out.



Maybe start by verifying ALL fuses are in place and functional, look at the side of the ABS controller to verify the large wire harness is properly connected, verify the ABS controller is still on the bike, etc.


Keep in mind that very few people disconnect a properly functioning ABS system. Most are disconnected or by-passed due to a controller/computer malfunction. So my guess is once you have it all re-connected you will find it has problems.


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Hi RT-Ross


Welcome tothe madness ....

First off check the relays it may just be that the relay is missing ( meaning no warning light ) and that there is some startup fault disabling the ABS.


You are correct that Relay #8 is the ABS relay, relay #9 is the lighting relay used on other models.


You could try swapping in relay #5 the horn relay which is the 3rd relay counting from the front left hand corner of the fuse box ( #3 relay being in the front left corner ).


If youre looking to do much riding after dusk I would advise the addition of Aux lights or an HID ( 4300K ) conversion as the STD headlamp is particularly bad ( I have done both and found it a great step forward )


The vibration could just be normal to your RT or it could just mean its due a tune up, check - ignition timing - careful valve clearance adjustment & throttle body balance.


Good luck with the trip

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Danny caddyshack Noonan


The vibration over 75 is either valves or throttle body synch'ing. Mine had it and a careful synch got it to go away. There's a remote possibility it may be a tire balance issue but, those show up at lower speeds.


Most things on your bike can be taken care of by the owner if inclined. BMW rates keep most of us out of their shops. You will find a wealth of help here.



Let us know on the ABS but, do not trust the dealers computer to tell you what is wrong with it, if it is bad and you get it reconnected. $2800 is the minimum in the dealer for ABS replacement.

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Great.....RT Russ and RT Ross.......that shouldn't confuse anybody! Funny, when I bought my RT the ABS system is what brought me here looking for help. Welcome aboard and good luck with the ABS issue.

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Yo RT-Russ, that's crazy, I've been lurking on the forum for awhile before purchasing my RT, didn't see you before. And the photos are so similar!


Worked this evening patching a broken right grip heater. The wire had broken off just inside the bar weight. WORKS NOW!, my first successful repair :clap:


Another project was moving the CB from my Scooter over to the RT. Ant. requires a good ground, and the best one I could find is under the pillion seat. Downside is interference with the Side Case, so I'll run with a soft bag on the right side for this trip until I can work out something better. Transmission and reception was excellent I've got a 4FT Firestick Antenna with a Midland 75-822 CB.


Back to post topic eh... the ABS

ABS Fuse appears to be in place, I'm taking it by the local Mechanic this week to see if he has any clues. I don't even know where the ABS computer is mounted to see if it's been removed.



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Was able to contact the previous owner He states


"The ABS light was the only thing that was disconnected by the dealership in Newberry Park, before that all I was told was that it needed a new solenoid (or something like that) but he said it would not cost alot to get it fixed"


Anyone dealt with replacing the solenoid and re-connecting the lights?


Off tomorrow on 3 day ride with 7 bikes will be over 500 miles and a good chance to shake loose any issues. I've got my CB & GPS connected, heated Grips & Seat working!

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Morning Ross


There is no solenoid on the ABS system so the PO gave you some bad info on that. Maybe he is talking about the ABS warning relay or the big ABS power relay under the sliding cover on the side of ABS controller. Or maybe he was given bad information.


As far as the light itself being disconnected? That could be done in a lot of areas from removing the warning relay, to cutting a wire, to removing the light itself, to who knows.


Without further (correct and precise) info on what was done to deactivate your ABS system you are back to square one and need to trouble shoot the ABS system like it has failed.

That is to check for power and grounds at all the correct relay terminals and harness connectors, check for power at the large ABS power relay, verify all the connections are intact, etc. You will need a wiring diagram, test light, ohmmeter, voltmeter, and some basic knowledge of how the ABS system functions and how it is powered up.


If you understand basic wire circuits and basic electrical troubleshooting it isn’t that difficult to do.


Maybe start by contacting the BMW dealer that did the job as they might shed some light on how they disconnected the system. At least start there to maybe get an idea of what was done.


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First question is, what happens to the ABS lights at each of the following three stages: you key on, start the bike, and then ride away? Do the two ABS lights on instrument panel ever light up?

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First question is, what happens to the ABS lights at each of the following three stages: you key on, start the bike, and then ride away? Do the two ABS lights on instrument panel ever light up?


And if not can you hear a relay clicking on and off ?

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Just to make sure, is it a R100RT like the topic title suggests or a R1100RT?




Dan, read his first post in this thread “2000 R1100RT - First week!”

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My 500 Mile Shake-out was great! Weather was FANTASTIC.

Notice the smile in the photo!




ABS will be put on the back burner for a while, I've ordered a TwinMax Meter and feeler gauges in prep for careful Valve and TB adjust. The Vibration seems to be getting slightly worse, so I'll need to look at the cables, from what I can glean from other posts.

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