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Video Editing Software...


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I'm definitely not a guru with computers but now have a Hero HD camera and would appreciate advise on what software program to download to edit,add music, etc. to the pics and videos..... :)

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Joe Frickin' Friday

I asked the question recently and was pointed toward Sony Vegas Movie Studio. I downloaded their 30-day trial, and have since bought the permanent version. It includes a number of interactive tutorials that walk you through the major features, showing you exactly what to click on to accomplish various tasks. Some pretty powerful features in there, all kinds of ways to manipulate video clips, still shots, and any accompanying audio; you can mix original audio, narration, music, title overlays, split-screens, on and on.


If you do end up buying it after a trial, you'll find that it's cheaper to buy the physical package from Amazon or some other vendor, rather than just buying the keycode straight from Sony.


If you're looking to burn DVD's or Blu-Ray discs, you'll want either Platinum 10 or Platinum 10 Production Suite (see product comparison at link).

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Thanks Mitch.......Sounds like something I can handle....Particularly if they speak "human" in the instructions....I like the old A, B, C, type of instructions and definitions....Small rant from an Old F**** who still doesn't understand where the hell they came up with the word "Blackberry" and the thousands of other names and difinitions that don't realate to function or attributes....


OK....I'm through... :dopeslap:


Thanks again.......

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