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Schuberth C3 - SRC communication system


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I recently bought a Schuberth C3 from FC-Moto and just love it. I'm considering the Schuberth SRC communication system, although the cost makes me gulp a little. I was wondering if anyone is using the SRC system and how they like it? I'm especially interested in the audio quality and the ease of pairing with a Garmin GPS. Thanks.



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I got one about 9 months ago. Mounted it on the helmet, tried it out on a few rides, and then took it off again.


It worked well enough and easily enough with the Garmin GPS, but the FM radio was intermittent and poor quality, and I decided to ride without listening to radio or music (played from the Garmin). The mic is a bit inconvenient when putting the helmet on or taking it off.


With the Garmin I now just keep an eye on it, and check visually when to turn.


I haven't tried the SRC for bike to bike or rider to passenger.


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