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Anyone know how to remove...


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...the BMW emblem on the steering plate where the handlebars are attached?


I have an '06 that didn't come with the emblem. I just have a black plastic circle installed where the emblem should be.


I'm considering having an emblem installed, but have no idea how to get this thing out.



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Joe Frickin' Friday

Look for a slot on the edge where you can insert an ordinary screwdriver to pry it up. If no slot, use something thin like a putty knife, and just force it between the plastic disc and teh steering head.

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Mine had a lot of trapped moisture and rust underneath it. I applied some oil to the stearing head and created a better seal with some teflon tape.





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Don't even bother trying. Just buy a stick-on decal from your BMW dealer. Cost me about CA$11 plus change.


It worked fine for me. The decal is convex and more or less metallic, with glue around the edge, so if you want to take it off, you can.


I have had mine on for a year now and it has stayed on great.

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