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searching for perfect ear buds


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After buying and using a dozen different buds I found these noise canceling to be the best, for me anyway, just thought I'd share. Also the mic for the noise canceling is in the ear piece..

Sony MDR-NC22 , not made anymore but can be found on fleabay for under 40 bucks, just picked up a spare for 20$

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I just use Skull candy Inked earbuds. For $20 they do the job as well as any i have tried. I used some Sony ones for a while, not sure the model but the wire was very thin and hard to grab with gloves and I never cared for the one lead wire longer than the other method. The sound was good but I get a bit more bass out of the Skull candy.

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+1 on the 6i, but not at first. I had issues with the different tips available. The foam tips blocked out too much, and the triple flange (looks like a xmas tree) would not seal properly. Talked to the folks at headroom, and they told me to try trimming off the tip, so I would still have the wider two flanges, but it would not need to go in as deep to seal. Worked great, and I ordered some two flange tips from the company. I even wear them to Friday Night Dollar Dog and Beer nights at the hockey game. Tends to block out the drunks.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I tried several but all were too painful after a couple of hours. To the point that it was more painful to remove my helmet than leave it on.


Cardo Scala G4 with Howard Leight earplugs. I get FM radio and MP3 via bluetooth and hardwire

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I have etymotic Hf3 and I love them. I didn't like the different types of foam/rubber tips that came with them and I just upgraded to "Comply" foam tips. Just got them yesterday ($15 shipped from Amazon Prime) P-series fit the ety's and they are VERY comfortable. More along the lines of the foam of which the orange ear foams are made (for construction etc).

Comply Foam Tips


They have a pretty cool search function that allows you to figure out which tips fit your earbuds.






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I like the Etymotic ER-4. A bit more money but a lot more detailed audio. Etymotic has been incredible at customer service for me.

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