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Ohlins - Group Buy


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I have seen folks organize a "group buy" of Ohlins in the past years using the quantity to reduce cost. However, I have not seen one this year.


I am interested in buying shocks. Does anyone know of a group buy going on now? Where?


Or....does anyone have a set for sale - 2004 RT.





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I do not know of one, but it will not be on this site - from the User Agreement.


Members may not claim to represent the community, or in any other way use this site in order to negotiate group buys, discounts, bulk purchase agreements or other such activities that might permit direct profit to a member or group of members. Non-commercial posts about such activities taking place on other sites are permitted on a once-per event basis. Such posts must be made in the Classified Forum, cannot be modified or added to, and will expire under the Classified's current 30-day limit.


So, if anyone hears of a group buy on another site, you may place one post in classifieds announcing it. Classifieds is also the place for want-ads.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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