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Joe's Tutoring Check In


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In at 20:15, on one tank of gas. 40 degrees from Coarsegold to Mettler then dropped to 35 degrees w/moisture. A mile or 2 up the grapevine though and it cleared up.


Many thanks to Joe and Juanita to whom I am eternally grateful for hosting this tutoring session. My next 24k will be a piece of cake. Pics to come.


Joe's roads ROCK. Oh, and for those wishing and hoping for another north/south meet-up, you might just get your wish:)



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I took Joe up on his offer to show me how to do a 24k. Left home at 7:30 after a bite at the local landmark


I took a little pic break in Lebec at the Tejon Ranch HQ. They control 270,000 acres of land.



Then it was into Bakersfield where the temp dropped to 38 degrees with a wet fog, so I had to put in the pants liner and an extra shirt up top. Brrr, it was cold.


A couple of hours later I rolled into Fresno BMW to pick up some parts, and then an hour later I rolled into Joe's place in Yosemite Lakes with clear skies. Yaaaaay! He has some sweet cats.



Then we spent Friday afternoon and some of Saturday morning with Joe giving pointers and me wrenching. Umm, somehow he did manage to get his hands greasy too.:) Then it was off for a ride on some great roads with lunch at the Happy Burger Diner in Mariposa.



After lunch it was back on the beautiful roads until we had to say goodbye.

This pic is on Yosemity Springs Pkwy just west of 41.


I can't thank Joe and Juanita enough for their hospitality.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

at the Happy Burger Diner in Mariposa.


+2.....two inches on the waistline that is but, really good food.

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