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Harctic Davidson


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A friend of mine snapped this photo outside a Stockholm motorcycle show.

Perhaps HD is attempting to thaw the market for these bikes in Scandinavia?



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Originally Posted By: w2ge

One minor detail: That is a Victory.



Good catch! grin



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Archeologists found a motorcycle specimen from the 21st century, when the man caused global warming was the rage...The scientists removed it from the glacier and plan to see if they can get it running again.

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SOS from Antarctica: "We found this strange craft in ice 10 miles outside our outpost along with a strange alien covered with tattoos, hair, and leather. Craft logo says made in USA, but most parts appear to be of alien construct. Alien was accidentally thawed and has escaped, broke into our supplies and has consumed all of our beer. Please send help soon."

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Stewie Griffin is sitting in a bar in Hell, a wooly mammoth walks in and asks "who's motorcycle is that outside?" Stewie Griffin answers "Victory Is MINE!"

Wooly mammoth says "when Hell freezes over"......

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