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Danny caddyshack Noonan

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

So, I've made a small handful of posts on my ABS chronic failure.

1Hz cycling after roll-off failure.

Did an on-the-bike disassembly of the wet end of the ABS controller with a very temporary, 2 roll-offs, repair. Prior to that, did a full system bleed with a week of no failures. Some other work in and around the ABS system (gaps, etc) in general with no clear indication of what was wrong other than code 7 (ABS controller).


Couple weeks ago, I lost my rear brake while running around the plant. Bled the system on the weekend but, got only a few inches of fluid in the bleed line before it locked up. Odd? Kept trying to get fluid out by pushing harder on the pedal until it started making some noise after a few tries. Then the rear hose broke open and the day was done.


Got a new hose and washers. Removed the old one and low and behold, there's a piece of black something coming out of the final compression fitting where the hose was. Pull it out and it's about an inch long...maybe rubber....didn't care and threw it away with a rag. Just in case, blew the hard lines clean with shop air with nothing else coming out.


Finished the installation, bled, bled the ABS controller, finished the caliper bleed and checked it out for pressure....good.


For kicks, I cleared the ABS fault and it stayed clear on roll-off. I've now got three days an dabout 10-12 roll-offs with only 2 failures.


Still don't know what the black thing was. Not a seal from what I can discern and have good pedal behavior on the master and no leak.


I figure the black crap has been there for a very long time and, depending upon location in the system, gave either the rare intermittent failure or the chronic one recently. Somehow, it was maybe causing a delay in the piston pull down during roll-off?


So, not all failures are voltage, gap, "controller", etc.! That said, I'm quite sure that it'll be back in failure mode tomorrow.

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The hose burst, so I would guess that the hose was rotting. The liner could have cracked up and delamimated. You should replace your front brake lines too.


Interesting problem, though. Glad you finally got it solved.

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