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Question about upgrading headlights


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Hey everyone,


I have an '02 RT that I would like to upgrade to HID. I was curious if anyone knows the lamp type in the 1150rt series bikes? (H4 H7 etc) and also how many(1 for both hi/low or 2 one high/one low)? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I got confused in that reply.


The OP was asking about hi/low and I didn't get whether the high beam is H3 or H7 (the fogs are H3 for sure)


I have a deep distant memory of some confusion about the high beam and a load of new unuseable H3 spares on the bench in my garage.


Course it would be easy for the OP to see for himself - at least you can see the high beam.

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Thanks everyone. I ended up order a vvme h7 kit. I also have some aux lights on the way. I'll how that all works together before I add the H3 for the high beam. I will hopefully receive it all next week. Thanks again!!!!

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