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Won't start/crank in gear- 1100RT


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My 2000 RT will not crank unless the transmission is in neutral. Even then I sometimes have to jiggle the shift lever to get any action. I am guessing an issue with a neutral switch? If so, what is involved with repairing or replacing this?

Bike has 78,000 miles, is this something to expect at this mileage point?

This is a real problem in traffic as I struggle to find the right combination to make it start agian in the middle of an intersection!

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It should start in gear if you pull in the clutch lever. There is a switch on the clutch which allows this to happen.


The neutral light switches are a known issue on these bikes and unfortunately they are not an easy fix as the switch is located on the back of the gearbox behind the rear swinging arm.

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Yep. The clutch switch is also a weak spot on these bikes. You have a dual failure. It's a PITA. The simplest thing to do is to simply cut the two wires going to the clutch switch and wire them together. Yellow wires in a black sheath on the left handlebar. Not the clutch cable! The next simplest thing to do is to replace the clutch switch. The neutral switch is hard to get at, so most folks don't mess with it. In a pinch you can also pull your starter relay, turn opn the key, and jump hole 2 to hole 6 wioth a thin piece of wire.

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So both the clutch switch and the neutral switch will cause the bike not to start, bummer. I guess I will replace the clutch switch first and then see how much of a problem the neutral switch is really causing.


Is the a link to a repair procedure for the neutral switch? I would like to get this resolved before riding season starts again this spring, still at least a couple of months away.


I wish I had known about this when I did the spline lube a couple of winters ago!

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just put it in nuetral.....start.....and ride.....with the side stand UP!

The sidestand switch is a whole different matter. This problem has nothing to do with it.

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I still reccomend RIDING with the side stand UP.... :rofl:


If you read my post, it was:

just put it in neutral....start....and ride....

Then I said "with the side stand up"


I highly recommend riding with it up. Although the spark show could be fun on the 4th of July....at least for onlookers :D

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