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RTP Horn on an RT?


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Is it possible to install the RTP horn with the distinct police sound on an RT? I don't even know what these look like, but it would be ideal if I could just swap one out for the other without any extra wiring and switches.

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Disregard this question. I did a little more research. The sound I was going for is coming from the siren that is mounted on the crash bars of the RTP. I thought it was perhaps the stock horn, but I would need to mount a siren somewhere to get the sound I was going for. You can hear it at the 7-second mark on this vid.




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If youre thinking of throwing a siren on your bike, you should also know that the RTP siren requires a controller/amplifier under the radio box behind the seat. When properly wired, the standard horn switch triggers a relay on that controller that sounds the "air horn" in the siren. The air horn does not work when the ignition is switched off; you only get the standard horn in that situation. Good luck.

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You may find a big ticket if you put a siren on the bike. More than slightly illegal in a lot of states or communities. Even amplified horns are frowned on.

Why not just get the shotgun mount and make bang,bang noises.

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