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GT Handguards


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Does anyone have any interest in hand guards for your K1200/1300 Gt. I am building these out of .050 aluminium,and will be painted Satin Black. I am asking 125.00 a pair with longer screws and foam backing. Here are a few pics.IMG_0915.jpgIMG_0916.jpgIMG_0914.jpgIMG_0913.jpg my email is ununtinokr@aol.com ,Jim

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I appreciate a well turned bit of metal. Is that a stress relief cut on the inside portion there to allow the bend?

A friend made some shields years ago for his K bike using some

plastic sheet that could be thermally shaped. I'm still impressed with good results.


I like your John Deere too!

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Yes a notch and 14 slight breaks to get the fairig contour ,rolled both ways thru rolls and broke and hand manipulated to the pattern i made. nothing to it, if you have a hour or so. as far as the other poster asking about what it looks like without them. I use holes that are already in the stock interior of the fairing.My two riding buddies are gonna COLD weather test them when we ride to Daytona from south of Saint Louis in 6 weeks.

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