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Interesting looking bike


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I am not in a position to buy a new bike, but this a cool looking bike.




The same torque as a Tenere at 1000 less rpms and 13 more Hp at higher RPMs. It is 40ish pounds lighter, the same fuel capacity, seat height is almost the same at the teneres lowest setting, and just a pretty cool looking bike.


I found a NEW '08 with 27 miles on it and a full 2 year warranty with a BIN price of $10,995 and a starting bid of $8,995.




Biggest draw back is of course dealer support and parts availability and aftermarket support. But there is something to be said for riding a bike that very few others ride...standing out is cool.


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Really nice looking. If it had no serious warranty issues then no dealer nearby would be okay, but I would still like the support of a forum full of others to get feedback from.


My MTS has some fueling problems, nothing serious, but we have had an ECU flash to correct. Not all the dealers have the ability to do the flash, some send your ECU off to be flashed, some trade out your ECU for one they have. Could be down a couple of weeks.


Now after the flash, the MPG has gone to heck, but it runs great! We are expecting another flash maybe to help the MPG. Just an example of what a new bike with smallish dealer network is like.


I just changed out the shock spring, the OEM was about perfect for me with full preload but TOO soft for 2up. If I didn't do it myself would have to send the shock in or take the bike in, probably not cheap either way. My first try with Traxxion Dynamics, they didn't have any tech info on the bike so could not do anything without the shock. Another example.

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Morning dH,

Absolutely, that is the biggest issue with something like that. The dealer support and parts availability, both from the factory parts and the aftermarket stuff makes this bike unrealistic for many people, especially those who want to really pack on the miles, like on an RTW trip.


Everybody loves to pull up to the local watering hole though and see something cool. See a bike no one else has, or that you have never seen in person. The less common, the cooler it is, so something like this bike has that side going for it.


You are correct, if the bike never had any warrantee or parts need issues, then it could be a really cool bike. You gotta love Italian style and design. Their stuff has such a passion and artistic side to its design and yet keeps performance on top of the focus list. Very cool.

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Yep for sure the Italians have a thing with bikes. The MTS12 is over the top simple while very complicated systems at the same time. Handles like no other bike that I have been on.


Power and HP is unique to the Duc in a special kind of way. It can be a gentle easy going machine, and then turn into a power house that demands complete attention. Later I just shake my head, and silently wonder, why did I do that?


The support is very good also, and some very good dealers out there to try and make the ownership rewarding and fun.


The design grows on me everyday. Will truly be a hard bike to turn loose of.

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Your druthers here remind me of a line The Producers..."I want everything I ever saw in the movies!"


Alas, our bank rolls are garages are insufficient.

I had a 50cc Benelli Dynamo. Wasn't much but it was exotica and a Benelli.

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The Benelli has come last in every single comparison test of large dual-sport bikes that has appeared in European magazines. Well it has fought for last place with the Buell Ulysses.


Well, I shall now sit back and wait for someone to say that the Buell will wipe the floor with a GS and a Multistrada with one hand tied behind its back....

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