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Airhead Instrument Cluster Connector Pin Outs


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In diagnosing my instrument light problem with my 85 R80 RT, I needed to determine the connector pin outs on the large block connector on the back of the dual instrument cluster. This is the one with the idiot lights in the middle. I think these are probably the same for the /6 and /7 as well but cannot certify because I haven't checked. Fortunately when you remove the connector and the back of the instrument cluster, you can see the pins as well as the flexible ribbon cable with easily seen conductive runs. I think this is accurate but I am far from an expert. Thought it might be useful to some other airhead owners.



Pin outs for R80 RT instrument cluster connector


Pin #

1: n/a

2: Neutral

3: Instrument lights

4: Generator

5: Turn signals

6: Oil

7: High beam

8: Ground

9: n/a

10: Tach

11: Turn Signals

12: Tach & high beam (may also be ground)



Bulb Connections:


Turn Signals: 5 – 11

Oil: 6 – 8

Generator: 4 – 8

Neutral: 2 – 8

High Beam: 7 - 12



So I'm retired and don't have anything else to do :grin:

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The pin-outs for the instrument cluster are not the same from year to year. I have a '74 /6 and an '84 R100 - the pin-outs are different. The flexible circuits are different part numbers and different wire paths.


Sorry, I don't recall if your problem was with the cluster or with the wire harness and connecting pins... however my experience with these flexible circuit boards is that they are very fussy and very difficult to repair. While they are expensive, you are better off taking the hit and buying a new one, provided you have determined that the circuit board is the faulty part. If you are having problems with the bulbs, new bulb holders are inexpensive. The circuit board tends to fail at the spot where it folds over to connect to the bulb holder, where it cracks and leaves an open path.

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Thanks Michael, my problem was with the female connector on the end of the cable that plugs into the instrument cluster. I tested the pin'bulb circuit by putting 12 volts on the appropriate pins to see if the lights worked. They did so I started looking back up the chain. The issues were with the solder joints between the actual wires and the female (sockets) in the plug assembly. I think I've got it pretty much resolved now except for the "sending unit" for the neutral indicator. (very tough to get to!!)

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I am having the same issue with my 85 R80RT. Do you mind sharing how you got into the molded rubber plug to fix the solder joints. It appears to be a solid block of soft rubber and I'm loathe to tear it up as there does not seem to be any source for replacements

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You are right, it is a solid rubber assembly that must have been molded with connector in place. I had to use an exacto knife and slit the side to get to the wire. Then I was able to grasp it and pull it a little to get enough to solder back on the female connector. Messy but worked. The alternative is a complete new wire harness!!!

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The pin-outs for the instrument cluster are not the same from year to year.


This changed at least twice, first for 1978 when tach became electronic rather than cable-driven.


Then again in '81 when brake master cylinder went to handlebar. There is no longer a low brake fluid warning light. The high beam light moved to a different location, too.

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