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One piece suit fit


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Recently purchased a one piece riding suit. This being the first one piece suit of any kind I have owned, I have no idea how it should fit.


Should the lower/pant portion fit like regular pants, in that case off the bike you cannot lift both hands directly above the head without pain :grin:


or should the height from waist to crotch be a little taller? but then looks weird and uncomfortable to walk off the bike


Your thoughts?



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I've worn a lot of 1 piece suits, especially skiing. I like the fit such that I can raise my arms above my body and the crotch just touches (no pain). This means that under normal walking conditions, the crotch hangs down a little low but on a bike, that is a good thing because it gives you some slack. Good elastic in the waist area will allow you to raise your arms when you get off the bike which will reposition the waist in the right position for walking.

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I have a 2 pc roadcrafter. Most of the time it's zipped together.


The main thing for me is being able to reach down and put on my shoes, with the suit on, and an extra layer of fleece (or long-johns). Put all that on, and sit there on the couch, touching your toes for a few minutes. If it's uncomfortable, then it's too small. There's a trade off with the sag when you're just walking around though. If the sag impedes your ability to throw a leg over your bike, then that's not gonna work either. If you find yourself pulling up your "pants" to mount your bike, it's too big. Test for the sag without the fleece layer. My pants legs, and sleeves are a wee bit long when standing around (just shy of dragging on the ground). That leaves a bit of length so they fit right when in the riding position. Hope that helps.

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I've got a one-piece Roadcrafter. Also, I'm long in the torso and the standard Roadcrafter sizing had me experiencing the same things you are. So we worked on it (fortunately Aerostich does custom tailoring). The suit fits perfectly when riding, but it's got a big saggy-looking bottom when I'm walking (wait, that sounds like me even without the suit!). It's the price you pay for something that fits and works when you're on the bike. Whatever happens up top, has to be accounted for down below. If you want to avoid that, get a two-piece.

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Thank you for all your replies and suggestions. Was not sure if the sag is normal. I do have to pull the pants up a little to mount the bike. So i guess it is too big. I have to send the suit back to Motoport/Cycleport for some other alterations, so will get this fixed too.



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EffBee has it right.


It's more important how the suit fits when on the bike,than how it looks walking around.

Sounds like it's close to correct if you only have to hike it up a bit when getting on the bike.



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2nd Effbee and elk. Great on the bike and a bag stuffed with me off the bike. It's the riding and the occasional emergency bike evacuation that are important.

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